Finlos Lives is a home-grown podcast produced by Paco “Finlos” Fiallos. All content is privately held and not intended for re-distribution without consent from the creator.

Paco is a teacher in Leon County Florida.

The podcast includes the self-titled show hosted by Finlos, as well as several topic-specific shows. They are as follows:

Finlos Aks

Finlos Asks is a show about how people live and grow amidst impermanence. Interviews feature people who have encountered cultural shifts and life changes and explore how they have endured and flourished in life’s constant changes.

Finlos Loves

Finlos Loves is a show about relationships and how they work, or don’t work. We offer our honest stories with guidance from professional and personal experience as therapist, teacher, and two decades of being in relationship.

Finlos Teaches

Finlos Teaches is a show where I reflect on my experiences in the classroom, and also highlight the stories of other educators.

Finlos Reads

Finlos Reads is an exploration of text in all its many forms, with discussions about social context, literary criticism, and pop-culture.


If you have a question or comment about any aspect of this podcast, please send an email to, find me on social media (@pacofiallos), or leave a voice message below.

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