Finlos Asks: Harry Nerenberg

Finlos Asks is a show about how people live and grow amidst impermanence. Interviews feature people who have encountered cultural shifts and life changes and explore how they have endured and flourished in life’s constant changes.

My guest for this episode has impacted many lives throughout his career. Harry Nerenberg has been involved in education since he graduated from college. Whether teaching in an inner-city school in Philadelphia or an alternative school in Miami, or as a guidance counselor to a generation of graduates, harry has never questioned his chosen work. And unlike many who leave education exhausted or jaded, it took a pandemic to finally get him to accept retirement. Even now, he can be found volunteering on campus or advising young people in his community as they work through the college admission process. In this episode you’ll hear about his unwavering belief in the worth of all children, his dedication to his lifelong partner, and about the importance of having a comfortable seat in your office.

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