Finlos Asks – Aarum Youn-Heil

Finlos Asks is a show about how people live and grow amidst impermanence. Interviews feature people who have encountered cultural shifts and life changes and explore how they have endured and flourished in life’s constant changes.

My guest for this episode is Aarum You-Heil, a friend and former student. Aarum belonged to my first Creative Writing class at Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, and is now a Ph.D student at the University of GA. In this episode we discuss how she came to post-graduate studies, the importance of food to maintaining culture, and how the death of her brother impacted her family. 

Episode notes:

Information about Aarum Youn-Heil:
Profile at the University of Georgia:

Host mic: Oktava MK-319

Introduction Mic: Neat King Bee version 1

Interface: Lewitt Connect 6

Pop filter: sE Electronics Pro Metal Pop Filter

Mic stand: Samson Mk-10 Boom Stand

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