Finlos Loves – Toxic Masculinity – Part 1

Eva co-hosts again, this time for a conversation about toxic masculinity. In doing so we try to unpack what that term actually means in a time when gender roles, identities, and expectations are being challenged- or broadened, depending on your perspective. This is a conversation that we hope you’ll hear with an open mind as it requires anyone engaging in these discussions to explore their own personal histories and identities. Toxicity is not a quality that belongs to any specific sex or gender, but instead represents a mindset that motivates behaviors that consciously or unconsciously maintains the status-quo of power dynamics in any system. It is unfortunate that the beneficiaries of that status-quo have been men or those who subscribe to or reinforce those behaviors. This conversation comes also at a time when Barbie, the recently released film, just cross the one billion dollar mark for global ticket sales and has garnered praise from many for advancing pro-feminist ideas. We’ll get into that topic as well.

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